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Nic, how can Chat GPT win me a listing?

By now we all know the power Chat GPT has.

But, how can it help you in a listing presentation? Whether that's for sale or lease.

Did you know you can ask Chat GPT the buyer persona of a particular style of property?

How can this help me win business?

When you are sitting in a listing presentation & you pull out a buyer persona for a particular style of property, this gives us another layer when it comes to marketing the home.

As you will see from the response below, Emily, aged 30 on $80,000 per year is the 'profile' of a 2 bedroom apartment in Double Bay.

Knowing this information is going to give you certain advantage when speaking to your owner about what kind of images to include in the listing, the kinds of points to make in your ad copy, as well as the audience you want to attract on social media.

This separates you from simply 'getting photos and putting them online'. You are showing a point of difference and highlighting what separates you from your competitors.

This is perfect for a 'Pre Market' strategy where you will actively target the buyer persona for the particular property on social media. Sure, we all spend money on advertising online, but taking it that one step further will certainly show your commitment, professionalism & a point of difference.

Try it out for one of your upcoming listings.

Check out Chat GPT HERE

This is what I asked Chat GPT this morning.

Write a first home buyer profile for a 2 bedroom apartment in Double Bay

The response was:

Name: Emily Thompson
Age: 30
Occupation: Marketing Manager
Annual Income: $80,000
Marital Status: Single
Household Size: 1


Emily Thompson is a highly ambitious and successful 30-year-old professional working as a Marketing Manager for a renowned tech company. She has spent the last decade building her career and has finally reached a point where she feels financially stable and ready to take the leap into homeownership.

Living in the bustling city of Sydney, Emily has always admired the affluent and picturesque neighborhood of Double Bay, which is known for its upscale lifestyle and vibrant community.
Homeownership Goals: Emily's dream of becoming a first home buyer is centered around the idea of owning a cozy and modern apartment in Double Bay.

Her primary goal is to find a comfortable space that reflects her taste and allows her to enjoy the perks of living in this desirable location. Emily values convenience, as her work is located nearby, and she wants a place where she can unwind after a busy day, entertain friends, and explore the local attractions on weekends.

Property Preferences:
As a single professional, Emily is seeking a 2-bedroom apartment that provides ample space for herself and potential guests. The apartment should have a contemporary design with high-quality finishes, reflecting her keen eye for aesthetics.

A modern kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line appliances is essential for her, as she enjoys cooking and hosting dinner parties occasionally. She also envisions a balcony or terrace where she can enjoy her morning coffee and soak in the stunning views of the Double Bay area.

Ideal Location:
For Emily, location is paramount. She wants to be in the heart of Double Bay, where she can easily access local cafes, restaurants, boutique shops, and cultural events. Proximity to public transportation, especially train stations or bus stops, is crucial for her daily commute to work. Safety and a sense of community are also vital factors, as she aims to find a neighborhood where she can feel secure and build connections with her neighbors.

Budget: Emily's budget for her first home purchase is around $750,000 to $850,000, but she is willing to consider properties slightly above her budget if they offer exceptional value and meet her criteria.

Future Plans: As a first home buyer, Emily plans to settle down in her Double Bay apartment for the foreseeable future. While she is currently single, she views her new home as a long-term investment and potential future family residence. She hopes to see the value of her property increase over time and possibly explore the option of renting it out if she decides to move into a larger home later on.

Overall, Emily Thompson is an ambitious and discerning first home buyer who is excited about the prospect of owning her dream 2-bedroom apartment in the charming and upscale neighborhood of Double Bay. She envisions this purchase as an important milestone in her life, where she can truly make her mark on the property ladder and build a comfortable and rewarding future.


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