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Get your hands on EVERYTHING a real estate agent/realtor needs to know about making the most out of TikTok RIGHT NOW! 



TikTok is the leading social media platform right now, but it's different to other platforms.


In this masterclass you will be given and shown: 


* Over 190 content ideas, guidance & growth 

* How to use the platform as a business page

* Getting on a sound/trend before it takes off

* How to use sounds/trends

* How to make content if you don't want to be on camera 

* The best content is less than 9 seconds & why

* How to generate ad campaigns 

* How to understand the data 

* How to use TikTok in a listing presentation 


You will also receive the workbook, along with actual trending sounds so you can take them right now and use them 


TikTok Masterclass

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