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20 signs to look out for where someone might be preparing to sell their property

Identifying potential property sellers before they officially put their property on the market requires some observation and awareness of certain signs. While no list can be exhaustive, here are 20 signs to look out for:

  1. Property Maintenance: A decrease in property maintenance or visible signs of neglect may indicate a lack of interest in the property.

  2. Sudden Interest in Real Estate: An individual suddenly expressing an interest in the local real estate market or asking questions about property values.

  3. Change in Personal Circumstances: Life events like divorce, job relocation, retirement, or financial difficulties can prompt property owners to sell.

  4. Ownership Duration: If someone has owned a property for a long time, they might be more open to selling.

  5. Rental Properties: Landlords may consider selling when dealing with challenging tenants or if they have multiple properties.

  6. Property Upgrades: Owners making significant upgrades or renovations could be preparing to sell at a higher price.

  7. Listing Expire or Withdrawn: Expired or withdrawn listings could indicate a seller's initial attempt to sell, with the possibility of relisting later.

  8. Empty Nests: Empty nesters might be more willing to downsize, leading to potential property sales.

  9. Financial Distress: Notices of default, foreclosure, or bankruptcy can signify a potential seller's urgency to sell.

  10. Home Valuation Requests: Inquiring about the value of their property could indicate their curiosity about the market.

  11. Asking About Selling Process: Asking questions about how to sell a property and the associated costs might indicate their interest.

  12. Frequent Open Houses: Hosting open houses might be an indication of a seller testing the market without formally listing.

  13. Change in Demographics: Shifts in family composition or age could lead to a desire to sell or buy a different property.

  14. Property Investment Strategy: Investors looking to liquidate assets may consider selling properties in their portfolio.

  15. Neighborhood Trends: A person might sell if they notice a significant increase in property values in their neighborhood.

  16. For Rent Signs: Rental properties being converted to "for sale" could indicate the owner's intention to sell.

  17. Disinterest in Long-Term Repairs: Avoiding long-term repairs may imply plans to sell rather than invest further.

  18. Vacant Properties: An unoccupied property might indicate a willingness to sell or a recent inheritance.

  19. Social Media Posts: Posts or hints about moving or property changes on social media can reveal potential sellers.

  20. Networking: Hearing from mutual acquaintances that the person is contemplating selling their property.

Remember that interpreting these signs requires sensitivity and respect for the potential seller's privacy. If you notice these signs, approaching the person with genuine interest and empathy can help build a trustworthy relationship in case they do decide to sell in the future.


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