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30 prospecting ideas a real estate auctioneer can use for social media marketing:

  1. Showcase past successful auctions and sales on social media.

  2. Share testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients.

  3. Create videos that explain the auction process and benefits to potential sellers.

  4. Host a Facebook Live Q&A session to answer questions about auctions and the market.

  5. Use Instagram Stories to give behind-the-scenes glimpses of your auction events.

  6. Share links to helpful articles and resources about the real estate market.

  7. Post photos and descriptions of upcoming properties being auctioned.

  8. Create a blog with informative articles about the auction process and real estate in general.

  9. Run social media ads targeting potential sellers and buyers.

  10. Share market trends and statistics to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

  11. Use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and showcase your professional background.

  12. Create infographics to highlight the benefits of selling or buying through an auction.

  13. Offer promotions or discounts to followers who book an auction with you through social media.

  14. Share real-time updates on auction events on Twitter.

  15. Post images of properties that are being auctioned to generate interest.

  16. Highlight unique properties and their features to attract potential buyers.

  17. Use Facebook and Instagram to share virtual tours of properties being auctioned.

  18. Share news and updates about the real estate industry as a whole.

  19. Create a Facebook group for buyers and sellers interested in auctions.

  20. Use hashtags to make your content more discoverable on social media.

  21. Share photos of satisfied buyers and sellers with their permission.

  22. Create a referral program for clients who refer new business to you.

  23. Partner with local real estate agents and share each other's listings on social media.

  24. Use Pinterest to showcase beautiful properties being auctioned.

  25. Create social media polls to gather feedback and insights from potential clients.

  26. Share tips for staging a property to get the best results at auction.

  27. Create social media contests to generate engagement and interest.

  28. Use Facebook events to promote upcoming auction events and generate RSVPs.

  29. Offer free consultations to potential sellers and buyers who contact you through social media.

  30. Share success stories and case studies of past clients who achieved great results at auction.

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