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50 questions to ask a homeowner while in a listing presentation

  1. What is motivating you to consider selling your property?

  2. Have you already consulted with other real estate agents or brokers?

  3. What is the current market value of your property?

  4. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does your property have?

  5. How long have you owned the property?

  6. What upgrades or renovations have you done to the property?

  7. What is the square footage of the property?

  8. What is the condition of the property?

  9. What is the neighborhood like?

  10. How many parking spaces are available?

  11. What appliances are included in the sale of the property?

  12. Are there any liens or mortgages on the property?

  13. Have there been any major repairs or maintenance issues on the property?

  14. What is the zoning of the property?

  15. What is the average time a property is on the market in this area?

  16. How quickly do you need to sell the property?

  17. How much are you willing to negotiate the asking price?

  18. Are you willing to make any repairs or upgrades before selling the property?

  19. Have you received any offers on the property yet?

  20. What is the current state of the real estate market in the area?

  21. What are the annual property taxes?

  22. Is the property in a flood zone?

  23. Have there been any environmental issues in the area?

  24. Are there any homeowners’ association fees?

  25. Have there been any recent renovations or upgrades to the property?

  26. What is the age of the property?

  27. How many potential buyers have visited the property so far?

  28. What are the average closing costs in this area?

  29. What are the average real estate commission rates in this area?

  30. What are the average closing time frames in this area?

  31. What is the expected sale price for your property?

  32. Have you already identified a new property to purchase?

  33. Are there any issues with the title or deed to the property?

  34. Are there any upcoming special assessments in the area?

  35. Are there any zoning or land use restrictions on the property?

  36. What is the availability of public transportation in the area?

  37. How many offers do you need to receive before accepting an offer?

  38. Are there any offers you have rejected?

  39. What is the local school district like?

  40. What is the availability of public amenities like parks and recreation centers?

  41. Are there any legal disputes related to the property?

  42. Are there any unusual features or amenities of the property that you want to highlight?

  43. Are there any easements on the property?

  44. What are the average utility costs for the property?

  45. Have there been any natural disasters in the area?

  46. Are there any pending property taxes or assessments?

  47. How are similar properties in the area priced?

  48. What is the expected timeline for closing on the property?

  49. What is the expected profit margin for selling the property?

  50. What is the most important factor to you in selecting a real estate agent?50 questions to ask a homeowner while in a listing presentation


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