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Be The Highest Profile Agent In Your Area

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

As the real estate market starts to cool, it's critical that you are the highest profile agent in your area.

All the experience in the world isn't going to mean a thing if no one sees you.

We are going to cover a 90 plan and implement strategies on the day to get your marketing producing results.

We are going to cover:

What is the $0 marketing strategy & how to implement it

How to master your social media strategy with a small budget

Which lead generation campaigns work and which don't

How to get your audience talking to you

How to find out what your audience wants to know about

Why print is still important when used correctly

SMS - why SMS is out performing email and how to use it

What to send out in place of your weekly OFI eDM

How often to post content

What content to post

How to get more listings & leads using social media

Watch the video here

Download the workbook here

be the highest profile agent in your area
Download PDF • 25.39MB


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