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Is your information easily found on Instagram?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Convenience and ease are what viewers want when they are scrolling through social media.

We push out so much content, that often we don't realise how hard we are making it for our audience to find the content or get in touch with us.

Let's look at two ways we can make the viewer experience more enjoyable.

1) Make it easy for them to contact us

Simply putting your contact details within a post isn't going to make it easier for a viewer to contact you, for the simple reason they can't click on your details and automatically connect. It can be deemed too much effort to copy and paste your text, go to google and search.

To eliminate this, make sure you have your contact details updated in your profile to include your address, number and email. These options are integrated within Instagram and will automatically bring up the option to dial the number or send an email. One click is all it takes to reach you.

2) Create a free LinkTree account

LinkTree is a tool that hosts all your links in one place making content easier to find.

Think of it as a mini website within your Instagram page. Too often I see agents posting throughout the week with "link in bio" that quite often, when overused, your audience is missing out on what's been featured prior to the most recent link. This is a great way to ensure nothing is missed.

What links can you make available?

  • Properties for sale

  • Properties for rent

  • Sold/leased properties

  • Testimonials

  • Agent profile

  • Book a free appraisal

  • In the media

You have the ability to direct the viewer back to the URL (the page on your website) with the information. Simple, yet more user friendly.

Let's remember, the easier we make it for people to contact and engage with us, the more likely we stay on their radar.


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