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Outreach to get traction for my new brand

Activity: Seeking High-Profile Contributors from India

Objective: To leverage the strength of high-profile individuals in the industry to gain visibility and success quickly.


This week, I've been meticulously searching the internet to identify high-profile agents and companies in India that might be interested in providing content for our publication. By collaborating with established figures, I aim to enhance our brand's visibility and credibility in the market rapidly.

Email Sent:

Click HERE


Out of the 30 emails sent, we received responses from two recipients. While the response rate is currently at approximately 6.67%, it is a positive start and better than receiving no responses at all. These interactions are crucial initial steps in building a network and presence in a new market.


Receiving two responses from high-profile individuals out of 30 attempts is encouraging. It demonstrates that there is interest and potential for collaboration. Moving forward, I will continue to refine my approach and expand the outreach to increase the response rate and secure more contributors.


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