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Saturday Facebook lives! Are they a waste of time?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The practice of broadcasting live on Facebook has grown in popularity over the years, offering an effective means of engaging with your audience, responding to their inquiries in real-time, and marketing your business.

However, streaming live on a Saturday morning during an open house event may not be the most appropriate approach, and here is why.

Firstly, people tend to be more active during weekends, engaging in activities such as going to the beach, shopping, or spending quality time with their loved ones. Consequently, there is a possibility that they may not be interested in watching a live video of a property tour that pops up on their Facebook feed.

As a result, your engagement rates may suffer.

Secondly, prospective buyers may not be available to watch your live video at that specific time, especially if they have already scheduled an open house tour. Consequently, you may end up wasting your resources and time.

Instead, it is advisable to give your audience prior notice of when you plan to go live. You can market your virtual property tour, allowing viewers to watch it at their convenience. This way, interested individuals can tune in at a time that suits them, significantly boosting your viewership.

Furthermore, it is crucial to leverage your live video. Once you complete your stream, you can download the recording and share it on other social media platforms, via email, or on your wall. This guarantees that individuals who missed the live broadcast can watch it at a later time.

While broadcasting live on Facebook is an excellent marketing strategy, streaming on a Saturday morning during an open house event may not be ideal. Instead, advertise your virtual tour in advance and distribute the recorded video afterward to optimize your viewership.


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