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Set to sell meeting - let's get your listing set up for success, right from the start

Please click HERE for the google document.

This schedule can be done either during your listing presentation or after you have won the business.

The set to sell meeting gives your owners a very clear direction of what will happen & when. How offers are handled, how feedback is given etc. A big part in setting up a listing to sell, is making sure your strategy is well laid for all to understand.

Set to sell meeting
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1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  • Welcome and introduction of all parties present.

  • Briefly reiterate your role as the real estate agent.

2. Recap of Market Appraisal (10 minutes)
  • Review the findings of the market appraisal.

  • Discuss the property's estimated value based on the appraisal.

  • Address any questions or concerns the seller might have regarding the appraisal.

3. Property Selling Strategy (15 minutes)
  • Present your proposed selling strategy tailored to the property's unique features.

  • Discuss the most effective ways to showcase the property to potential buyers.

  • Introduce the concept of staging, professional photography, and virtual tours.

  • Explain how you plan to market the property, including online listings, social media, and open houses.

4. Pricing and Listing Agreement (10 minutes)
  • Present a pricing strategy based on market trends, comparable sales, and the appraisal.

  • Discuss the benefits of a competitive yet realistic listing price.

  • Present the listing agreement, explaining its terms, duration, and any potential costs.

  • Address any questions or concerns the seller might have about the pricing and listing agreement.

5. Communication and Updates (5 minutes)
  • Outline your communication plan, including regular updates on property showings, inquiries, and market feedback.

  • Discuss preferred methods of communication (phone, email, etc.).

  • Emphasize your commitment to keeping the seller informed throughout the process.

6. Offers and Negotiations (10 minutes)
  • Describe how you'll handle offers from potential buyers.

  • Explain your negotiation strategy to maximize the seller's return while achieving a successful sale.

  • Discuss any potential scenarios that might arise during negotiations and how you plan to navigate them.

7. Timeline and Closing Process (10 minutes)
  • Provide a general timeline for the selling process, from listing to closing.

  • Explain the steps involved in the closing process, including inspections, appraisals, and paperwork.

  • Discuss any potential challenges that might arise and how they will be addressed.

8. Q&A Session (10 minutes)
  • Open the floor for the seller to ask any questions or express concerns.

  • Address any additional topics not covered in the agenda.

9. Next Steps (5 minutes)
  • Summarize the main points discussed during the meeting.

  • Set expectations for the next steps, including signing the listing agreement, preparing the property for listing, and initiating marketing efforts.

10. Conclusion (5 minutes)
  • Express gratitude for the seller's time and the opportunity to work together.

  • Schedule the next follow-up meeting, if necessary, to address any outstanding questions or updates.

Meeting Adjournment
Please note that this is a general template for a seller-agent meeting and should be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of both the real estate agent and the property owner. Adjust the agenda as necessary to ensure a productive and informative meeting.


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