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$0 lead generation strategy

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to gain seller or property management leads, using social media marketing.

These days, it’s easy enough to throw money at a Facebook/Instagram ad, and let it do all the work.

The problem I see with that is, most of the time. You aren't adding value to your viewer, and that’s why your video views, click through rates or cost per leads are so high.

In this picture, I wanted to showcase two things to my audience.

  1. The work involved behind the scenes

  2. That it takes time getting a property ready for market

We are very good at selling our results, but not what we do very well. This image highlighted 4 stages of what went on behind the scenes.

Stage 1 - Inspected the property bringing my team through to see what needed to be done to maximise the interest to get buyers through based on what they have seen online, and then to create a homely atmosphere in the apartment. To this appointment, I bought my property stylist, my tradesmen & my photographer through. Not only did this reinforce my suggestions, it also showed the owner I had a team behind me.

Stage2 - As you can see, the floorboards were quite dark, as was the colour of the walls. As this was a small apartment, at the back of the building, with very minimal light, the goal was to brighten it up as much as we could.

We replaced the floorboards with a lighter colour, repainted the walls with a softer colour and changed the light fittings from a harsh yellow, to a bright white globe.

Stage 3 - The styling. Given that this was a small apartment, it was essential to ulistize the space, but not clutter the property.

Stage 4 - Professional photography. We all know that we need to get buyers/tenants to an inspection before we can generate interest. It wasn’t just about “getting it photographed”, it was also what time of the day does it get the most light, for the external shot we wanted to make sure the driveways were clear of cars & bins while people were at work, and allowed us to sweep the external areas which would be shown.

Finally step, was to go on the market

The importance of the images were to showcase that there’s a lot of prep work that goes into getting a property ready for market. It’s not as simple as signing an agency agreement or Managing Agency Agreement and you are ready to go.

Most Vendors/Landlords have no idea what’s involved in bringing a property to market and generating the best interest possible when it comes to market, because - we don’t tell them.

I’d love to try an exercise with you.

On your next listing. Or one you are working on right now, keep a video/image diary of the journey. From start to finish. Send that out in a blog/article to your database and let them see the work you do behind the scenes that no one else is showing.

If you are constantly battling to justify your fee, or you struggle to get marketing, it’s because the homeowners hasn't seen the value in what you are putting forward.

In a world of “Pre-Market” and “Sold in a day”, owners can often be left thinking it’s not that hard or expensive to sell their property.

Here’s some ideas to help you get prepped

  1. Show what the property looks like before every stage - i.e repairs, photography, styling. Ensure the photos are taken from the same angle.

  2. Buyer call backs on a saturday afternoon.

  3. Negotiations.

  4. Showing up to the property early to open windows & turn lights on before people show up so the property is looking good and is free from any odours.

  5. Sweeping the front porch.

  6. Making/tidying the beds.

  7. Putting dirty dishes in sinks

If you have some more ideas, I’d love to be able to share them with other members.


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