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50 lead generating ideas for commercial real estate agents looking to find sellers:

50 lead generating ideasCommercial
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  1. Networking with local business owners

  2. Connecting with other agents and brokers

  3. Advertising on social media platforms

  4. Hosting webinars or seminars on commercial real estate

  5. Providing free commercial real estate market reports to potential clients

  6. Offering free property evaluations to potential clients

  7. Creating a blog on commercial real estate

  8. Running targeted Facebook and Google ads

  9. Utilizing LinkedIn to connect with potential clients

  10. Cold-calling businesses in your area

  11. Direct mail campaigns to local businesses

  12. Attending networking events and trade shows

  13. Partnering with other professionals in the industry (architects, developers, contractors, etc.)

  14. Joining local business organizations and chambers of commerce

  15. Hosting open houses for commercial properties

  16. Offering free educational materials to potential clients (e.g. ebooks, whitepapers, case studies)

  17. Creating virtual tours of properties and sharing them on social media

  18. Offering incentives to referrals from past clients

  19. Creating a newsletter with industry updates and local market trends

  20. Joining online forums and groups for commercial real estate professionals

  21. Utilizing paid search advertising (Google AdWords, Bing Ads)

  22. Sponsoring local events and charities

  23. Creating and distributing flyers or brochures to businesses

  24. Hosting a commercial real estate meetup group

  25. Utilizing press releases to promote new commercial listings

  26. Utilizing targeted email marketing campaigns

  27. Creating and distributing infographics about the commercial real estate market

  28. Using video marketing to showcase properties and your expertise

  29. Hosting a Q&A session on commercial real estate on social media

  30. Creating and distributing market reports on social media

  31. Utilizing retargeting ads to stay top of mind with potential clients

  32. Partnering with banks and lenders to provide information to their clients

  33. Creating partnerships with commercial real estate investors

  34. Utilizing targeted postcard campaigns

  35. Creating a referral program for past clients

  36. Offering to speak at local business events

  37. Creating a dedicated commercial real estate website

  38. Hosting a virtual trade show for commercial properties

  39. Providing virtual staging services to potential clients

  40. Utilizing virtual reality technology to showcase properties

  41. Hosting a podcast on commercial real estate

  42. Creating a LinkedIn group for commercial real estate professionals

  43. Creating a resource center for potential clients on your website

  44. Hosting a virtual conference on commercial real estate

  45. Offering virtual coaching and consulting services to potential clients

  46. Creating and distributing case studies of successful commercial real estate transactions

  47. Hosting a webinar series on commercial real estate topics

  48. Creating and distributing eBooks on commercial real estate topics

  49. Offering virtual property tours to potential clients

  50. Creating a content marketing plan for your website and social media platforms.


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