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50 social media lead generating ad ideas for real estate agents looking for landlords

50 lead generating ideaslandlords
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  1. Offer a free rental analysis.

  2. Host landlord-focused events, like property management seminars.

  3. Partner with local real estate agents.

  4. Send direct mail campaigns to targeted lists of landlords.

  5. Attend real estate networking events and meetups.

  6. Create informative blog posts on landlord topics.

  7. Create an informational video series.

  8. Offer a referral program for existing clients.

  9. Use social media to promote your services.

  10. Place ads in local newspapers and real estate publications.

  11. Create a targeted email campaign for landlords.

  12. Attend trade shows and conferences.

  13. Offer a tenant screening service.

  14. Reach out to absentee landlords in your area.

  15. Offer a free property inspection.

  16. Host webinars on landlord topics.

  17. Offer a free rental marketing plan.

  18. Develop an SEO strategy to increase your online visibility.

  19. Create an interactive rental property map.

  20. Offer a free rental market report.

  21. Use Facebook ads to target landlords in your area.

  22. Partner with local property management companies.

  23. Create a referral network with other real estate professionals.

  24. Offer a tenant placement service.

  25. Create a property management podcast.

  26. Place ads on local bus benches and billboards.

  27. Partner with local home improvement stores.

  28. Offer a rent-to-own program.

  29. Host a rental property investment seminar.

  30. Offer a discounted first month's management fee.

  31. Create an online landlord resource center.

  32. Send newsletters to your email list.

  33. Host a "meet the landlord" event.

  34. Offer a free tenant screening service.

  35. Create a landlord hotline for emergency situations.

  36. Use Instagram to showcase your rental properties.

  37. Host a property management training course.

  38. Offer a "no vacancy" guarantee.

  39. Create a rental property virtual tour.

  40. Host a charity event for a local cause.

  41. Offer a flat rate management fee.

  42. Create a landlord rewards program.

  43. Sponsor a local youth sports team.

  44. Create a rent payment app for tenants.

  45. Offer a virtual property management service.

  46. Use LinkedIn to connect with landlords.

  47. Offer a 24-hour maintenance hotline.

  48. Create an interactive tenant portal.

  49. Use Google AdWords to target landlords.

  50. Create a property management blog.


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