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Buyer’s Prospecting Letter

A letter to property owners in [where buyer is looking]


My name is [buyer’s first AND last name] and I’m looking to buy a property in your area.

We are particularly interested in your location because it’s not too far from the school our two children attend and is also a short commute for my wife to her place of work.

We are particularly interested in a family home with at least one garage. We would consider a fully renovated home or a property that needs updating and can make an immediate decision.

To help us with our purchase, we have secured the help of a local agent, [your name].

[Your name] has our details and has given us his/her undertaking he/she will respond quickly to your message. You can contact him/her on [your mobile number].

By the way, if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, but know someone who is, we would love to know more.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my message.

Kind regards,


[Buyer’s first and last name]

P.S. I can assure you, this is a very genuine and immediate request. We have been looking to buy a home in your area for some time and are ready to pay a deposit, which is why we have retained [your name] to help. [Your name] has promised to respond quickly to your message and you can contact him/her on [your mobile number].


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