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Easter - what can we do with our sign board stickers & social media stickers

Let's do something really fun, that I'm CERTAIN your competitors aren't.

Easter is coming, so let's do something fun with our marketing!

Let's turn colouring in competitions into social media stickers and sign board stickers (check whether this is allowed). In this video, we are going to look to turn a simple colouring in competition into so much more. Remember, lead generation isn't just about spending thousands on social media campaigns, it's mostly about connecting with your audience. If you really want to break through and be THE area leader, this is one video you want to watch until the end. Yes, it's 6 minutes long, but I'm going to ask you to trust me on this one.


Easter Colouring In Sticker & Social Stickers (2)
Download PDF • 18.09MB

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