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Let's talk about low video views

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Here's the hard truth no one wants to hear about their views.

And something no one really talks about it.

When I started on Instagram I had a baseline of 150 views on most of my videos. It would fluctuate a bit, but most were about 150 or so.

( Most people don't know that every account typically has a baseline view count to begin with – I've looked at literally thousands of accounts and seen the same thing with both small and large accounts.)

Many accounts right now have a baseline of about 200 views (maybe this sounds like you?) but this does NOT mean you're stuck there.

Anyway, when I was starting out, I would have the occasional higher video (1K+), but I saw those videos as "special", and NOT "the norm". Instead of comparing myself to other larger creators and their views, I decided I just wanted to improve my own views each week.

I just accepted that I was going to earn my views, and they weren't owed to me. This actually took off so much of the pressure to get huge views or "going viral".

(It also let me know that lower views didn't necessarily mean my content was bad.)

I worked hard every single day to make tiny changes, consistently to increase my views and grow my following. Each week, my baseline views would rise by about 100 views, and my following would grow as well.

I worked hard to learn how to keep people's attention with the first phrase I used (the hook) and I asked people to follow me. (Yup, maybe you just cringed but this is one of my top strategies that helped me grow)

I answered all of my comments and developed relationships with my early followers. I learned how to keep people's attention with text and improve my editing and presentation/delivery.

I actually let increasing my views become a bit of a game, seeing which changes had the best effects.

As my following grew, my views increased and vice versa. Eventually I was getting 1K views as my new baseline, and 5K was a "great video".

This strategy of making small improvements and only comparing my views to my views helped me raise my baseline from 500 view to now 5K - 10K views minimum, on different apps

As soon as you stop comparing yourself to everyone else, and focus instead on making small improvements to your videos, your views will increase and your content will actually get better. And this leads to more followers.

You'll also feel a lot better.

Consistent small changes = big results.


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