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Letter/Email - Older Expired Prospecting Letter

This letter is designed for properties that have been on the market longer than an agency agreement (typically 90 days).

Dear [First name],

Timing the real estate market to sell your home quickly and for the best price can sometimes be more art than science. The market doesn’t care when we want to sell or for how much, so many homes like yours end up unsold. This is why the system I use to sell homes doesn’t rely on timing the market.

Since we can’t control the market, we control the strategies we use to price and market your home so we get you the best value—regardless of what the market is doing:

  • My pricing strategy [the science] comes from [years] of selling homes in [farm area].

  • My marketing strategy [the art] leverages cutting-edge trends in digital marketing to make any home a hit online.

If you’re interested in learning more about my strategy to sell your home or just want to chat about the market, please text me at the number below or visit my website.

[your name] [your phone number] [your website]


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