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NOW is the time to set yourself up for a strong finish to 2022

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

For someone who isn’t thinking about selling for a few months, are they going to be impressed by your recent sale? Or a picture of you with a sold sign board?

What if they aren’t?

As agents, we are great at sharing our successes, but not what we do very well.

I sold this studio apartment twice in the last 6 years, and the second time was a nightmare.

The tenant, while not having trashed the place, had certainly neglected it far beyond what was seen at periodic inspections. It wasn’t until the tenant was gone we realised the full extent of what needed to be done to bring this property to suitable standard to achieve top dollar.


Give the tenant notice. The property was to be offered with vacant possession, therefore it was agreed that we’d wait until the tenant was out, before putting the property on the market

(30 day duration = 4 weeks)


Given the presentation of the property, we knew a commercial clean was needed and required more, than a standard end of lease clean. The extent of cleaning required was known until the tenant had vacated, and we could see what we were dealing with.

(31 days since giving the tenant notice)


There were stains set in the carpet which took two deep cleans to remove, while we were busy getting quotes for replacing the carpet in the effect we couldn’t get the stains out.

(35 days since giving the tenant notice)


Styling. During the vacate period, my property stylist had quoted the property and secured the furniture, ready to go in the moment the carpet dried.

(36 days since giving the tenant notice)


Photography, floorplan and Copy. Completed the day after the styling went in.

(37 days since giving the tenant notice)


Database buyers. The property was sent off to my exclusive database & buyer agent database for an off market showing on the weekend prior to officially launching to the major portals.

(41 days since giving the tenant notice)


Launched to market. The property was launched to market on Wednesday, with the first open home to be held on Saturday.

(48 days since giving the tenant notice)

With Spring only 60 days away, you can see how essential it is NOW to be having those conversations.

Ideally, you want to bring a property to market a few weeks before the flood of properties that come onto the market in the Spring selling season to avoid competition.

Content around this is crucial to be getting out to any landlord who is thinking of selling in Spring, and backs up your claims on why they need to speak with you NOW.

Regardless of whether the property is tenanted, vacant or owner occupied, this is the time to set yourself up for a strong finish to 2022!

What you do in the next 8 weeks will determine the remainder of your year.

Nic Fren

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