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Should you or shouldn’t you add a logo to your social media images?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The answer is yes, but there are some ground rules that come with this.

1. Contrast is key

If your logo is white, don’t add it to a visual that has a white background color or has a light color of shade or else your logo won’t be seen at all.If you have a logo that is light in color, make sure the background is dark. And, vice versa. This way, people can easily see it and your creation looks more professional.

2. Keep it at the same place – always

When you want to add your logo to the bottom left of the image, keep it there consistently. The next time you create a visual content, it still should be located there. Don’t put your logo to upper right or left or wherever you feel like it. This will keep consistency and continuity. Having templates pre-created is the best way to keep your content & your brand streamlined.

3. Use the same size all the time

Not one pixel more or one less. Enough said.To achieve number two and this, you should have a fixed template where you don’t edit the logo at all, just the words, colors, and other elements.

When Not To Add A Logo

1. The photo is not yours originally

Downloaded a photo for free? This does not necessarily and legally mean that you own the picture. You just have a copy.

It’s a big no-no to use, attach your logo to it, and share it on social media. You didn’t make or take the photo. It does not belong to you. Unless you use programs like Canva or Adobe or purchase the image online, it’s safer to check the licensing of the image and if you are 1) allowed to reproduce it and 2) can claim it as your own.

This is why having accounts with companies like Canva Enterprise are extremely important. If you did make the visual, by all means, add your logo.

2. Your purpose is to engage – not promote

One of the things I love about Instagram is that there are companies who share the photos of their employees simply for the purpose of sharing and engaging with others. Zero promotion is done.

Influencers on Instagram don’t need to include their logos every time. People already know who they are. They are there to engage. If you are sharing a picture of a staff member blowing out candles on a birthday cake, leave the logo out.

Where to from here?

Are you going to add a logo or not? This is clearly up to you. If your business is still new and you want to raise more brand awareness, create your own visuals and add your logo.

If you’ve been around for some time now and you have loyal customers, engage with your audience more. Even if you don’t put a logo, your followers can instantly recognize you.

Remember, it ultimately boils down to is ‘is this a promo post or a post for engagement’.

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