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Tips for Successful Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Research shows that first impressions of websites and marketing materials are formed in about 0.05 seconds. When you send a real estate letter, you only have a few seconds for the recipient to make a judgment about you. For this reason, it’s extremely important to put time and effort into the look and content of your letters.

Here are some tips for getting you noticed in the first 15 seconds:

  • Address envelopes by hand: Handwritten envelopes get more attention because they are more personal. It shows that you took the time to add a personal touch in a world of automation and disconnection.

  • Use a postage stamp: Instead of relying on a postage-paid envelope, use a unique stamp. This is another way to personalize your envelope and show that it isn’t junk mail. You can also consider using colored envelopes or even adding stickers.

  • Defining the topic with a headline: Readers only have so much time and patience to read through letters. A headline draws their attention to the topic and the end result you are offering.

  • Check for spelling or grammatical errors: One small mistake can make your leads question your professionalism. Make sure you proofread your letter multiple times and have others confirm that it’s free of mistakes before going in the mail.

  • Keep letters short and sweet: The longer the letter, the more likely it is to end up in the trash bin. Get to the point of your letter quickly to show respect for the reader’s time.

  • Use custom letterhead: Add professionalism and familiarize leads with your branding by using a custom letterhead and envelope. You can easily design your own letterhead on PostcardMania and use prospecting letters to simultaneously build brand recognition.


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