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What Is An Off Market Sale?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

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An off market sale in real estate refers to the sale of a property that is not publicly listed or advertised on the open market. Instead, the sale is arranged privately between the seller and the buyer, often through the use of a real estate agent or broker.

There are several potential benefits to an off market sale for the owner of the property:

  1. Speed: Off market sales can often be completed more quickly than traditional sales, as they bypass the process of listing the property and waiting for interested buyers to come forward.

  2. Privacy: Off market sales can be a more private and discreet way to sell a property, as they are not widely advertised and may not attract as much attention from the media or the general public.

  3. Negotiation: Off market sales allow the seller and buyer to negotiate directly with each other, rather than through a third party such as a listing agent. This can give the seller more control over the sale process and the final sale price.

  4. Competition: Off market sales can help to avoid the competition of multiple buyers vying for the same property, which can drive up the price and lead to a longer and more stressful sales process.

  5. Price: Off market sales can sometimes result in a higher sale price for the seller, as the buyer may be willing to pay a premium to secure the property without competition from other buyers.

Overall, off market sales can be a good option for sellers who want to sell their property quickly and privately, and are willing to negotiate directly with buyers to achieve their desired sale price.

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