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9 ways to become the top-tier agent employers are looking for

Having the right social media footprint can help you become the next high-calibre hire recruiters and employers are looking for. Here’s how agents boost their professional profile online, according to an expert.

Zoe Tink, the director of The Recruitment Partners, said one of the first things a recruiter or employer does when a candidate applies for a role nowadays is do a “social media stalk”. “Your social and digital CV is just as, if not more, important than your paper version in the modern day,” she stated.

She noted that recruiters are screening candidates not just by what’s on their resumé but also by how they behave or interact online.

“We are looking to get a feel of who they are as a person, not just an employee,” she added. By evaluating an applicant’s online footprint, Ms Tink said that it’s easily discernible for recruiters “if there’s likely to be synergy between employer and employee and if it’s going to be a good match within the team”. Although an impressive social media presence can give an applicant a leg up, the expert highlighted there’s also a downside to this.

“While social media is a place to connect and engage with friends, it’s also a business, and companies will be looking to see how you conduct yourself online and if your values align with the companies,” she stated.

But Ms Tink pointed out that this online scrutiny goes both ways, with candidates now digitally interviewing employers just as much as recruiters screen applicants online. “[It’s] a two-way street. Job seekers are looking at company pages and employers through the very same lens, so it’s imperative that the company and employer pages are equally aligned to the values and the type of talent they are looking to attract,” she stated.

For businesses or employers looking to change up their workforce this year or expand their team, Ms Tink said the first step is to look at your social media accounts through the eyes of the person you are trying to attract and whether you are happy with your public persona. For applicants, Ms Tink enumerated the ways to ensure that your digital profile falls on the good side of employers:

1. Spruce up your profiles The first step is to clean up your social media profiles. “Remove any old or irrelevant posts, delete any accounts you no longer use, and ensure that your profile picture and bio are professional and up to date,” she stated.

2. Optimise your LinkedIn profile Ms Tink advised candidates to ensure that their LinkedIn profile is complete and includes their work experience, education, and skills. “Consider adding a professional headshot and endorsements from colleagues,” she added.

3. Network on LinkedIn Emphasising increased focus on the business social media platform, Ms Tink advised connecting with current and former clients, industry leaders, and other real estate agents. “Join relevant groups and participate in discussions,” she added.

4. Share relevant content Ms Tink advised sharing articles, blog posts, and other relevant content that showcases your expertise and interests.

5. Highlight your listings Another way to boost your online professional persona is to highlight the work you’re doing, as well as your notable achievements. “Share updates and photos of your current listings and recent sales,” she stated.

6. Participate in online communities The expert also advised joining relevant online communities and participating in discussions.

“This will help you stay up to date on industry trends and make connections with other professionals,” she stated.

7. Use the power of keywords To make it easier for potential clients or employers to find you, Ms Tink recommended the use of relevant keywords in your profiles and posts.

8. Going private is okay If you are not comfortable sharing private and personal information, Ms Tink recommended using the tools available on social media platforms to ensure that you’re sharing what you’re comfortable disclosing to the public.

9. Follow companies and clients Lastly, Ms Tink advised following companies and clients that interest you. “This will help you stay informed about new listings and market trends,” she stated.

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